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Very Simple Control Protocol We build smart electronic building blocks for automation (IoT/m2m) task using the VSCP (Very Simple Control Protocol) - the leading m2m and telematics protocol. This is modules that by them self or combined with other modules can be used to control and monitor "things" at a local or a remote locations.

The VSCP protocol is an application level protocol and therefore not dependent on a physical transport. It can be used over a RS-232 serial channel, over CAN, Ethernet, TCP/IP, 802.15.4 etc. You can get the security level you need by embedding it in a secure envelope defined by the underlying protocol(s).

Equipment based on VSCP can themself inform the world of there capabilities, and even lead a user or a machine through there configuration.

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Our product page has information about our full product range. Currently we have CAN, Ethernet, TCP/IP, 802.15.4 and wifi based products plus accesories for them.

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Paris - VSCP Relay module

Relaymodule Paris is a relay module that connects to a CAN4VSCP bus and can control up to seven external relays. The module can be attached to a standard DIN Rail or be mounted directly on a wall.

The module fully adopts to the CAN4VSCP specification and can be powered directly over the bus with a 9-30V DC power source. It has a rich register set for configuration and many information events defined. It also have a decison matrix for easy dynamic event handling.

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Bejing - VSCP I/O module

General I/O Bejing is a general I/O module that connects to a CAN4VSCP bus. The module has three optoisolated inputs and four 5V outputs.

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Accra - VSCP Counter module

General Counter module Accra is a general counter module that has three optoisolated general counter inputs and four general digital I/O.

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Article about VSCP

Article about ver 1.0.0 in the leading Swedish electronics paper Elektroniktidningen

PCB's and stencil...

PCB's and stencil for the CAN4VSCP-RS232 cards received today. The device will be available in the store in a few weeks.

Article about VSCP

A Swedish electronics paper wrote an article about VSCP 0.4.0 Fluorine release.

Frogs alive again

After being away on other ventures for a year we are well, kicking and alive again. Rock'n roll as usual in other words.

Frogshop is live

Our shop in now live.


Article in Swedish about our company

Prototypes tested

We are now starting our production run of all the CAN4VSCP boards.

Article on VSCP

A Swedish electronics paper wrote an article about VSCP. Read it here