Odessa - Expansion



Odessa is a 3.3V board that have a Zeus expansion interface. and normally is the base for some of our other products and then also have an expansion board mounted for some particular use. However as the module also can be useful as a starting point for custom projects we also sell it as a product of its own. All you need to do is to add your custom expansion to the module and write the code to interface it. Odessa is also available in a 5V version which can be used with your own 5V expansion boards.

The module comes with a GUID and programmed with a bootloader and VSCP module functionality that out of the box (as a sample) just work as a digital output module but which easily can be extended to programmed with your own code and functionality.

The module have a PIC18F26K80 installed which have 64 Kbytes of Flash, 1Kbytes of EEPROM and 3,648 bytes of ram.

Available in the FrogShop.


The manual for the module can be found here.


Schematics Reversion A


Version 1.0.0 -- 2015-04-24

Latest Firmware Source Code

Load firmware to the device with boot loader application available in VSCP Works. The code is at offset 0x800. If you need to program the boot loader into the device it is available here and the source is here.


Module Description File is here.


The faq for the module is here.


The main resource for questions about the Odessa module is the news group/mailing list.

VSCP related question should be asked on the VSCP mailing list/forum.

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