Blitz - VSCP Remote Area Controller


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Bliz is a Linux based system (CPU - RT3050 320 MHz, OpenWRT, 8MB FLASH, 32 MB RAM) whith wifi(802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet(100MB),USB OTG, CAN and serial on board.

It is powered over the Ethernet (PoE) with a power source of 12V-50V DC. You can connect a 3G/4G USB adapter to this unit and use it as a secure remote controller to control a VSCP (or other) system. It also have a SD socket onboard for for datalogging or similar.

The module have a 433 MHz transmitter on board and can directly support 433MHz wireless devices such as Nexa.

The module can work as a host controller for CAN4VSCP and ETHERNET4VSCP and it is possible to connect to it remotly either over Ethernet or 3G/4G. As the system is open other possiblities is of course possible.

This is work in progress. We have a prototype ready at the moment and will add info to this page as the project moves forward. Target release date is late February 2012.

The module can be attached to a standard DIN Rail or be mounted directly on a wall (ordered separatly).


The manual is not ready yet but will soon be available here.


Scematics Rev A


This info will be available soon.

MDF - Module Description File

This info will be available soon.


Here we will list recipes for different setups for this device.