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-====== How we use the manufacturer registers. ====== 
-Each VSCP node have a standard set of register you can read about [[http://​​docs/​vscpspec/​doku.php?​id=register_abstraction_model|here]]. Some of them are possible to change for end users and some are not changeable but instead set by the maker of the module. ​ 
-The //​Manufacturer device ID// and the //​Manufacturer sub device ID// registers which are in the register range 137-144 (0x89-0x90) are example of registers set by the manufacturer. These eight positions can be used in any way a manufacturer of modules like and on this page we define how we use them. Other may have a totally different use. 
-^ Register ^ Name ^ Description of use ^ 
-| 137/0x89 | Manufacturer device ID | Year when this device was manufactured. | 
-| 138/0x8A | Manufacturer device ID | Month of year when this device was manufactured. | 
-| 139/0x8B | Manufacturer device ID | Day of month when this device was manufactured. | 
-| 140/0x8C | Manufacturer device ID | Code for the person that released and inspected it. | 
-| 141/0x8D | Sub manufacturer device ID | Hardware ​ board reversion. | 
-| 142/0x8E | Sub manufacturer device ID | Currently not used. | 
-| 143/0x8F | Sub manufacturer device ID | Currently not used. | 
-| 144/0x90 | Sub manufacturer device ID | Currently not used. | 
-The User id's (132-136) can be used by a similar way by a user. Typical is to have installation location information here and such similar information that may be handy to have when a module is installed in a not easy to get to location. 
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