Updating the firmware

New firmware is released from time to time for all our modules. We expect this to be true also for the Paris module as it is an active project. The process of updating the firmware of the module is a simple one. Just follow the steps outlined in the VSCP Works documentation.

Where is the source for the firmware?

You can find the latest source for the firmware here. You should use the relocated version of the firmware.

Step by step update process

Enter the bootloader in the menu

Select the interface the device is on

Select the nickname for the device to update firmware on. Make sure this is the correct id. If this is the first time you update a node and only the bootloader is present use 0xfe

On a node with working firmware the bootloader will be discovered automatically. If not select the algorithm (Microchip pic 1) for the device,

Load the firmware file using “local file”. You should use the relocated version of the firmware.

Program the device

Due to a bug in VSCP Works restart VSCP works after the bootloader process is ready.

Your device should now be available with the same id as you entered previously.

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