Getting started

You need

  • RJ-45 patch cables or similar.
  • A stable +9V - +28V DC power source.
  • A host computer with a serial or USB interface.

The Paris module is powered from the CAN4VSCP bus. This article have information on how the bus is powered and set up. Follow it for a reliable setup. Don't forget the 120 ohm terminators at each end of the bus. They are important! You can activate the on board terminator on the Paris module if it is located at one end of your bus.

When you power the module by inserting the RJ-45 cable the red LED on the board should light up to indicate it is powered. This is just a power indicator LED. When you power the board for the first time the green led starts to blink to indicate that the module search for a nickname. During normal operation this LED should light steady.

Remember that there need to be at least two CAN4VSCP (or other CAN device set to 125kbps) devices (one additional if you have the Frankfurt RS-232) on the bus to be able to communicate. A single device can't talk by itself on a bus. It's an error.

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